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Would you like to increase the GPS update speed of MS S&T ?

Progressive Patchers: 5-4-3-2-1 Second Updates
Each time the patch is run the updates get shorter!
Legal Note:  This patch contains no Microsoft(R) code and is not in violation of the EULA (stn8ula.txt) regarding reverse engineering, decompilation, disassebly or copyrights. Use of patch may violate your EULA. Check your local and federal laws before using. Patched file is not eligble for support from Microsoft. Use at own risk.

S&T 2002
S&T 2001

S&T 2003

 What version(s) do you have?
Streets 2001
Streets 2002
Streets 2003
Streets 2004
AutoRoute 2001
AutoRoute 2002
AutoRoute 2003
AutoRoute 2004

The Original 2 Second Patches
S&T 2001/2/3
Autoroute 2001/2/3


It's official.  Microsoft has released Streets & Trips 2004 with one second updating and optional screen recentering.  No hacks or patches necessary.  And it only took three years of customer complaining to implement.  (And maybe MS reading our guestbook)  Check it out at

The counter on this site has rolled over eight times.  Meaning 86465 visitors to this site (as of 8/27/2003) since April 2003.  We're even number one on Google.  This is with no promoting or advertising.  Just word of mouth.  We don't know where the future will take us, but the site will remain up, to help people who are still running the older versions.   Thanks everyone, for making this site such a great success.

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